Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Review by Frank DeBlase

I'm copy/pasting a review by Frank DeBlase from City Newspaper because I want to be sure that all the people who read my blog (what, are there three of you?) to see this review about the Steve Greene Trio, and specifically what he had to say about my friend, Tina Albright. My only criticism of the review is that he neglected to mention the names of the other two players and say anything about them.

So, here's what Frank DeBlase had to say:

"Me and the birthday girl spent last Saturday night at the Little Theatre Cafe. And man alive, this place has gone far and beyond the afterthought it once was. And I'll tell you why: it's jazz cats like The Steve Green Trio.

First of all, the trio has four members. That alone is tres cool. Greene comps and chops and trills and twangs as the band stirs the batter. Slithering seductively on top is Tina Albright, a statuesque blonde with a smoky contralto. This isn't a blues group, nor is Albright singing the blues, but the way she works the mic, stretching and playing with the lyrics (almost as casually as Greene) it draws upon some of the blues' simultaneous joy and despair.

The joint was jammed as folks hovered in a holding pattern waiting to swoop as soon as a seat opened up. The cappuccino machine hissed, cutlery clinked, people slurped, and a four-piece trio casually played some of the sweetest acoustified jazz you'll hear anywhere. There are moments like this all over town. I was lucky to stumble upon this one. I hope it happens again...soon."

Congratulations, "tres cool" Trio! I think they are playing at Bodhi's (Goodman Street in the Village Gate) on Friday night, November 9th--at least that's what it said under "Gigaroos" in Steve's website. Perhaps I'll see you there. By the way, come out and see Joe Chiappone and Greg Wachala along with Dave Arenius at Stucko's on Clifford Avenue (across from Savoia's) (from 6:30 to 8:30) first on Friday the 9th.

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FB said...

The other people in the band are Dave Arenius on bass, and Bill Ribas on guitar. We're at the Little Saturdays in November, and as oyu stated, Bodhi's this Friday.