Saturday, February 19, 2011

Well, that was sad ... I had my heart broken last night.

Jon Greeno (of Footnote) broke my heart last night. He told me that he "un-bookmarked" my blog. Well, who can blame him, actually? I haven't written since September. In fact, it's been so long that I couldn't remember my password and had to reset it! Bad, bad bloggist.

Joe and I went out to celebrate my birthday (shameless plug for me) last night. We wanted to go see Footnote at Tala Vera, but first we went to dinner at Virtu. I think we probably should have eaten at Tala Vera. Everyone who had eaten there looked happy. Anyway, Virtu was dead. Joe ordered some odd greens and beans, we had to ask twice for the bread, they had run out of the wine I wanted, Joe ordered coffee and it was served barely warmer than room temp, and we ordered steak salads. I'd had the steak salad before, and it was excellent. Not so, last night. I was not asked how I wanted my steak cooked, and I think it was still mooing. Joe's was rare, but mine was pretty much raw. The server took it back, and I ordered a very odd gnocchi. I guarantee you, we will not be going back. We had initally tried to go to Tony D's, which we love, but it was absolutely slammed. There was no where to stand at the bar for our 40 minute wait, and we could get right into Virtu. Obviously, now we know why.

After Virtu, we went out of Corn Hill, down to State Street and found Tala Vera. Unfortunately, it's not in a very "sexy" neighborhood, but it's smack dab between Corn Hill and High Falls, so I hope that it gets some extra traffic by virtue of that. It's a new "California-Mexican Cantina." I'm anxious to go back to try the food. It smelled yummy. Joe said his margarita was very good. I had a Kahlua and cream which was also quite nice, and the two drinks were only $10. We'll be back there soon.

When we walked in, Footnote was playing with their special guest, Bill Tiberio. We, sadly, were late and only heard one and a half songs with Bill and only a couple after he left. We thought they were playing longer. We just did not plan well last night!

Footnote is comprised of Jon Greeno on guitar, Herb Renke on bass, Jon Tucker on keys, and Keith Welch on drums/percussion. The band is easy on the ears - tunes with melodies and hooks. I like that. I don't want to be "challenged," I want to be "wooed." Footnote woos. The room is new, and there is work to be done on how the sound is mixed. However, while the band was tearing down, there was music being played over the sound system. I thought it was some national group's CD, but it was actually Footnote! The owner had recorded the show. They sounded excellent. Maybe he was able to mix the sound better on the recording?

I like Footnote; they have a real nice vibe. I recommend checking them out when you can. It sounds as if the next gig they have on their books is the Brew at the Zoo & Wine, Too event at Seneca Park Zoo on May 14th, 5:30 - 8:30. I'm putting that on my calendar now!

We're heading out to Water Street tonight for a benefit for the Rochester City School of the Arts - Go Mad for Plaid. There are five bands playing.

Jon, I will try to write about that, too. Please bookmark me again!

yours in music,

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JonG said...

Well, you poor, poor thing. I'm re-bookmarking your blog immediately! Thanks for stopping out last night and thanks for the kind words re: Footnote. I'm a little disappointed in the Virtu review as I was planning to go there soon. Do I dare?

Jon G